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Cranial Sacred® Theremutics incorporates aural entrainment along with music modulation and audio filtering to promote whole brain synchronization and create music that is truly psychoactive. Put simply, this music gets you high. It provides a safe way to easily access different states of consciousness even if you are not a disciplined practitioner and works synergistically to enhance your contemplative experience. Even though we are just now beginning to understand many of the potential benefits of sound therapy like enhanced focus, increased creativity, deep relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, trance states, relaxation, lucid dreaming and heightened body awareness as well as restful and healing sleep, for many people there has always seemed to be a powerful connection between listening to music and feeling good. This music honors the shamanic impetus behind idigneous music and sacred traditions while simultaneously exploring powerful new understandings of how music effects our well being. There is a bit of magic afoot here, magic that can rejuvenate the weary, soothe the forlorn, help mend the deep wound and illuminate the always journey. Please help us offer this gift from within to any it may help and feel free to share your ideas and creations with the Cranial Sacred® community.

Enjoy my entire New Edge Music catalog for free on the player below or listen to specific albums here.

How does brainwave synchronization work?  When the brain experiences pulses of sound resonant with the brain’s natural frequencies, the brain tends to to fall into step with the frequency of that stimulus.  This phenomenon is called ‘frequency following response’ or 'brainwave entrainment'.  With brainwave synchronization you can explore altered states of consciousness and access more of your holistic potential.

Really, music that is "truly psychoactive?" Combined with tone modulation, audio filtering, deep dissonance and pulsing resonance, the strategic use of special healing frequencies and attention to the opening of charka vibrational centers, Cranial Sacred music is an intuitive sound therapy approach that utilizes live Theremin improvisations and polyphonic synthesis techniques (complex spontaneous and responsive electronic tone generation and harmonic modulation). In addition, The Astral Project album embeds binaural beats targeting specific states of consciousness such as relaxation, lucid dreaming, meditation and deep sleep. Recent additions to the catalog utilize the organic pulsing of wooden flutes to produce similar sedating effects in a form that is quite pleasing. All of this is free for you to enjoy at Theremutics Soundscape Visualizations combine the added power of video to promote a more synaesthetic experience that can often amplify the psychoactive effects of the music.

What are the benefits? The enjoyment of this music on a regular basis can provide a lasting benefit to your overall health and well being. In addition, this music can stimulate right brain activity and intrinsic creativity, and may be used by artists to help get into and maintain a creative mental state while working.

What is a sound therapy session? This can all be created just for you or for a small group in a live, personalized, spontaneous sound therapy session that can help create deep relaxation, support optimal wellness, awaken your inner awareness and help with life's transitions.

How do I find out more? For more information about Cranial Sacred® Theremutics or to schedule a private session, please contact Markiah Friedman (aka Mad Dog) at markiahfATgmailDOTcom. My pricing structure is simple. All my sessions are offered on a donation basis. Any donation you care to make to support my work is greatly appreciated.

This is really cool. How can I get involved? If you find this music helpful, please consider joining my subscription community as the most economical way to have unlimited access to all of my psychoactive music and the most direct way to have a voice in shaping and supporting the future music I make. You can even subscribe at leves 2 or 3 and have a composition or album produced around your own personal theme or intent.

Where can I listen for free? Just click the album links below or go to All of our synaesthetic videos are available through our YouTube "Visual Soundscape" Playlist, where you may also subscribe for automatic update notices about newly posted videos and/or interact at no cost. If you don't mind the ads, much of the music is also availble on Spodify, iTunes and other streaming services.

What are the options for unlimited access to this music? All Cranial Sacred® Theremutics' audio recordings are available for purchase through our Bandcamp music page or through subscription to our Bandcamp community page.

Where can I find more folks into this stuff? If this all sounds interesting, please join our Facebook Community to share your ideas on related projects or stay posted on everything Cranial Sacred.

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What people our saying about Cranial Sacred® Theremutics:

I had a wonderful experience. It was positive and reinforcing. I think that the music is what moved me the most and helped me connect. I was able to experience a state of concentration and relaxation, while stimulating the creative part of my brain. I think the different sounds and frequencies made this happen. I believe our brain is more powerful than we know and it has the ability to control everything in our body. I look forward to experiencing this again soon. Thank you so much. ~ Annette Cannon

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You may listen to full length previews of my pre-recorded Theremutics' Soundscapes below:


ft. Kristin McClean on vocals


Went back to the Theremin primarily for this one, and then Kristin came in and helped out. Wow! Her ability to feel and flow with this music amazes! I am not always sure if she is throwing down in some exotic languages. (Where is harry Potter when need him. Anyone translate Parsel tongue?) These tracks are some real gems. Enjoy!



The Astral


Symphony of the Heart

My first attempt to embed binaural beats targeting specific states of consciousness with each successive track progressing into deeper relaxation. The Astral Project blends binaural beats with some of my more psychoactive live Theremini compositions to induce a deeply relaxed and creative states of mind.




Cranial Sacred

Over an hour of improvisational Theremini Soundscapes. Suggested for aiding with transitions and dissipating blockages.



of the Heart

Symphony of the Heart

A solo Theremini symphony by Mad Dog Friedman. The challenges and promises of a technologically driven society create a psychological backdrop for this spontaneous composition.




for Peace

Drones for Peace

Over an hour of improvisational Theremini Soundscapes. Promotes relaxation, stimulates right brain activity, supports creativity and enhances contemplative practice.



in the Machine

Hand in the Machine

These are my first solo Theremin recordings and represent my initial experiments in psychoactive music production using a Theremin.


You may listen to full length previews

of my indigenous flute based albums below:

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Alex & Mad Dog Live is a recording of our first full live duo show (almost a full 2 hours of improvisational music) just as it was performed at Espresso Vino in Lafayette, Colorado on August 31, 2016.

Breathe is pure Native American Flute relaxation music, and makes a perfect for background for your next message or yoga session.

Not Far from Hear is our first album composed and recorded as the duo of Alex & Mad Dog. It features spontaneous Celtic harp improvisations of Alexander Bernat with the spontaneous Native American flute and Moog Theremini improvisations of Mad Dog Friedman.

Between Two Worlds is about embracing the harmony of duality, facilitating creative transition and cultivating the bliss intrinsic to the awakening spirit. Sometimes we get stuck, not sure which way is forward and which is back. Yet, whether we stumble on in befuddlement or stride confidently forward with clarity, we must keep moving, knowing change is all that is constant, and keep expanding our hearts and minds, knowing that our love and vision are all that is important. There is magic afoot in this music, magic that can rejuvenate the weary, soothe the forlorn, help heal the deep wound and illuminate the always journey. Please help us share this gift from within with anyone it may help.

Songs for Our Mother, explores the common textures between nature and the spontaneous music of indigenous instruments. Featuring eleven spontaneous compositions for Native American flute and kalimba enhanced with Theremini and computer generated soundscapes, these tracks utilize an interesting blend of what on first glance may appear as incongruous elements to create an amazing interweaving of lush sonic layers in celebration of the connection between Mother Earth and human artifice. Please enjoy a full listen for free and let me know what you think.

My first Native American flute album, Flutations, musical meditations for wooden flute. Please take a free listen and let me know what you think. I am still very new at this music, yet it seems to come from somewhere very ancient inside of me. The flute has been for me up until this point, something I just play for myself. I am hoping by sharing this gift of wood and breath, this music may help others as much as it has helped me, taught me, soothed me, healed me and made me smile.

For just $15 a year you can now join my subscription community on Bandcamp! Get any new music I make delivered instantly to your mobile device, plus download 6 full releases from my back-catalog (over 60 tracks representing over 6 hours of psychoactive music), and supporter-only exclusives. Read all about it here. This is a place to not only listen but to interact. Please let me know how these tracks effect you and to what uses you have put them. This includes my newest album which I have not yet conceived, coming out sometime next month. As a member of our subscription community you will, of course, have instant access to any new tracks as soon as they are posted!

For samples of Theremutics' Soundscape Visualizations please watch below:

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